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I feel so left out sometimes. I know that my friends are the best, but I know that out of all of them, I’m the least important one. I always have to text my friends and ask if they wanna hang out, they rarely ask me first. And everytime I just feel like I’m annoying them. I’m just tired of feeling like that…

I just feel like I’m always there for my friends, but some of them are never there for me. I feel like I’m the last one to be invited. Always. And it’s like they’re better of without me; I could just disappear, and they wouldn’t notice or care. I’m always second choice, and no one’s “go-to-person”. It feels like shit, and nobody cares

Holy shit, ilysm
så perfekt… #caradelevingne #model #victoriassecret #girl #beautiful (Taken with GifBoom)






hey girlfriend

She looks fucking gorgeous here.

she is gorgeous 24/7

Only pic of her I like.
I love you